Ram Shyam restaurant

Ram Shyam Restaurant is a place to remind you of an amazing personal adventure. Great tasting Indian cuisine is at the heart of this adventure. Courteous staff and prompt service fuels this experience. Ram Shyam Restaurant is the place to excite and educate your taste buds and experience India, through its discerning and delectable cuisine.

Bengali cuisine

The cuisine of a region is intrinsically integrated into the history and culture of the region.

Bengali cuisine is one of the most eclectic of Indian regional cuisines and has been open to foreign influences for more than 800 years.

Turks, Afghans, Mughuls, British, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Armenians, Chinese and other settlers have played a role in the gastronomical legacy of Bengali cuisine.

Though the civilization of undivided Bengal is 4000 years old, not much is known about the cuisine of the early period, except for rice being a staple. Over the centuries Bengali cuisine has incorporated a wide range of vegetables, fish, meat and spices and different preparation styles – sheddho (boliled), bata (paste), pora (barbecued), bhapa (steamed), bhaja (fried) and jhol-jhal-shorshe (curried).Fish -Chunu jhal, Deshi tangra, Deshi Katla

Special Tandur chiken, Barbiquibe ,Briyani, Kabab , Chiken rost and many more .

A protocol of having a typical Bengali meal has evolved traditionally starting with a bitter preparation and ending with sweets.​


The Chinese Menu at Ram Shyam Restaurant is extensive and inviting. They have a variety of snacks to start off. But most popular are their Momos be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You will also be quite surprised at the choice of soups. They have enough and more for you to try out and relish! In the main course, they serve a number of curries and sauces in vegetarian, chicken, fish, prawns, lamb and mutton. Have them with delicious noodles or rice to make the best of your meal.


The Indian section at Ram Shyam Restaurant may be less elaborate but gives you a collection of the most popular dishes in North India whether it is vegetarian, chicken or mutton. They have a surfeit of choices in Biryanis and Rice. Also check out their Rotis as well as different kinds of Raitas. Truly Indian.


You will find that the Continental Menu at Ram shyam Restaurant is probably the largest and the most dynamic. They have all that you would want in continental including Sandwiches, Pizzas, Salads, Soups, Snacks, Pastas, Sizzlers and of course the Main Course Specials. Get them in vegetarian or non-vegetarian based on your desire. All the cuisines are authentic and true to their culture.